Rebel’s Yell blog is designed with the following points in mind:

  • As an extension of the feedback and review I receive around Rebel Yell: Dreaming the life, living the dream (copyright 2003) and Rebel Yell updated (YTP – 2013).
  • As a platform for sharing the products I offer, the work I do, the places I may be at any given point.
  • As an opportunity to share (give and receive) stories of engagement, growth, and life.
  • As a link back and beyond, to the johnny inc. website, the PERSCRIBO website, and any other supportive sites we, as a community, want to share.

My three hour seminar A Rebel’s Yell – the same title as per this blog, pertains to three basic discussions. For newcomers and other interested parties, they are listed below:

1. The nature of awakening, the unrest, the disconnection, the feeling of the insatiable and unquenchable stirring rebel within.

2. Acceptance of what is rather than what “should” be, or what “could” be – learning to accept the rebel that is beautiful, perfect, and whole-heartedly you.

3. Balance. How to live a life which both supports the awesomen potential of a growing rebel within and, simultaneously, a life which pertains to rules, conformity, expectation, oppression, and control.

This blog therefore, will mirror much of these discussions and more after-all, it is my area of study and experience over the last ten or eleven years, who would I be to pretend otherwise? Of course, in part at least, it is my inner rebel which maintains a compulsion to share this with you all, so together, I grow too. For this opportunity, I offer my most gracious thank you and look forward to the following conversations with people who I am sure, are ready to discover, acknowledge, and embrace, the rebel which simmers under the surface of a life which society would keep ‘on the boil’ indefinitely. Without us and our rebel’s, this world will be something much less than what it can be if we want. We can actively create it, right here right now. And it all begins with the courage to say “what is this unrest inside of me?” and, “what has it got to say?”. Welcome.





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