It isn’t new, but just because someone started talking about it five or ten thousand years ago or more, didn’t make it magically appear either. You may know it as coincidence, change, fate, synchronicity, or serendipity. And it wasn’t unusual at one time, to hear Florence-Schovell Schinn, Stuart Wilde, James Allen, Tony Robbins, Napolean Hill, Dale Carnegie, or Vernon Howard talking or writing about it either.

Principal-based living is a method Stephen Covey would talk about often within the business and life realms. He spoke about it for the same reason as do most of us, it doesn’t change. It is in fact what Covey called, a constant. Principles don’t lie, they don’t fluctuate, they are dependable, reliable, and without personality – rock solid. But you don’t have to believe in a principle for it to be real. In fact, you don’t have to believe in anything for it to actually exist. Stand up slowly won’t you? Take a moment, do you feel dizzy? I expect not. But why not? Don’t you know the world is turning at around 1600 kph at the equator? But that is surely, unbelievable? It can’t be can it? Yet, it is.

I met a beautiful woman – let’s call her Gemma – once many years ago and we entered into a relationship. Although I was versed in personal development, it would only be fair to say she was more spiritually evolved, wider read, more quirky. Of course that’s what I loved about her. One day we sat discussing metaphysics and spiritual realms, energy patterns and the challenge of intrinsic growth. She confided in me that for protection from dark forces apparent within the physical realm from time to time, she had engaged the services of a large white bear who was to be her gate-keeper of sorts. She described this bear as almost 15 feet tall, plush white, intimidating and dedicated to the cause. She told me the bear was there with her right at the time, standing right there behind her. I smiled and nodded and confirmed her actions however, saw nothing of the sort anywhere in the room let-a-lone standing right there behind her. It didn’t matter, she was cool AND quirky.

Several months later I was chatting to Gemma at her work place where she stood behind the service counter ready for incoming customers. A lady came in and began browsing for just a moment before deciding on coming to the counter to ask for assistance. I smiled and stepped back to allow her front place as I was not an actual customer. She smiled back before looking to Gemma. Immediately a look of shock came over her face and she stepped back abruptly. Both Gemma and myself were equally surprised and concerned asking if everything was ok. With her trans-like gaze focussed at about 15 feet above the floor and directed at a spot just behind Gemma’s shoulder, she stuttered “ah, do you realise you have a giant white bear standing behind you?” I am not sure whether I or the lady was shocked the most but Gemma just opened up with a big grin, gave a casual glance over her shoulder, and leant back down on the counter resting her face on her hands saying “oh yeah, that’s just bear, he looks after me”. Gemma and the lady were still in deep conversation when I left over 30 minutes later but it turned out this lady was a practicing psychic, go figure, I still never saw any bear.

Principals are guiding and wonderful and non-discriminatory. They work without fluctuation as in gravity. And speaking of Newton, his third law more or less gives us this truth in the understanding that for every action there is a result. And while that result may not be to your liking, it is a result none-the-less and you have created it, setting up opportunity for further choices in evaluation and adjustment should you so choose.

The reason behind my ups and downs became clear when I realized that there are laws that determine what it takes to win or lose, so then I began to use those laws to my benefit in creating consistent success

Nada Ashchi

While many of us lay dormant choosing the proverbial couch or the metaphysical bed to slumber away on, there’s a life to create using the principals that surround us. Lets face it, emotions are awesome, life would be boring and in my estimation, quite unfulling without them. However, basing your plans on them makes for stormy waters ahead – no principles. It’s akin to the biblical fabula of the man building on the sand as opposed to the man building on the rock. Emotions versus principals. So next time you are hitting your head against a wall, or feeling that your reflections reveal a lack of anything meaningful over several months or more, ask yourself if you are using prinicipals for creating the life you want. For example:

  • You Reap What You Sow
  • We Teach Others How to Treat Us
  • Me First Is Beautiful, Not Selfish
  • Self-work is the most important work you will ever engage in
  • All Tension Must Resolve
  • In all Dark there is Light and in all Light there is Dark
  • Be Quick To Speak, Slow to Listen

It’s amazing what happens when we spend a little time reflecting on our progress and a lot of time acting out our creations. Universal engagements are offerings, indicators, blinking lights that come as a result of our actions and show us that we are moving in a particular direction. They come constantly and while most of them are easy to see and feel, the idea of relating them purposefully to the thoughts we have transmitted or the actions we have taken, is something more of an enigma. This relevant feedback shows up in our lives only as unpredictable events. In other words, you couldn’t have predicted that person would call, run into you on the train, or that this particular job vacancy would turn up, or that a situation would require your assistance somewhere else away from your loved ones and/or home. When they do show up, rejoice, it’s you making them happen and it’s your time to act on them.

Hard work produces results too, but that’s predictable. Deliberate living, or conscious thinking, takes daily effort transmitting thoughts which are new, unusual, and original. But without these reassuring results, it can be hard to sustain. But you can now know that these results are there if we choose to look, if we open ourselves to their coming, if we take on receiving them with great curiosity knowing that every time we do, the universe is engaged with us and we are beginning to fulfil our destiny as co-creators.

It’s all a matter of principle

Til next time Blessings and Peace Johnny



Nader AshChi


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