I make no apologies for calling curiousity a beneficial addiction. In a world of conformity, and one which grows increasingly difficult to ‘buck’, developing a sense of intrigue and curiosity toward your life and your potential as a being and the world around you, is something more than just enjoyable – it is highly beneficial. When we consider that according to Alan and Barbara Pease people are approximately 75% predictable, we can more easily understand and accept the concept of MAINSTREAM. After all, it is a ‘stream’ which flows through all our lives comprising 75% of the ‘water’ within us and our communities.

Although to be fair, it isn’t impossible to avoid the MAINSTREAM altogether, not at all. And for say, a Tibetan monk high on the mountain ledge spending all his days praying, meditating, and existing on only the bare essentials – rice, fruit and water – there is no engagement within the confines of MAINSTREAM, no need for acknowledgement it even exists.

But for most of us, a lot more than 75%!, living in MAINSTREAM is something we do as a general course. It is something with which we engage and, dare I say it, do so willingly. Most of us enjoy for example, catching a train, or eating out, spending money at a gig, shopping, driving on the roads, working with colleagues and none of this would be possible outside of MAINSTREAM.

And there is no insinuation here that MAINSTREAM is bad, not at all, but without balance, it can be all encompassing and when that happens, our potential follows it downward. The fun adage applies:

If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always got

And, MAINSTREAM is exactly that, it questions only itself, feeds itself, answers itself, and seeks to protect the status-quo at all costs. If and when anything changes, it changes from without, not within, the MAINSTREAM. I call this, the PERIPHERAL. The PERIPHERAL is where you will find all the ‘crack pots’, geniuses, divergent thinkers, alternatives, Rebels, and controversial players. Controversial, only in the sense that they argue with MAINSTREAM, which is of course, how they get their ‘controversial’ labels. But if we want change, if we want a difference, if we want to consider possibility as opposed to probability, we must venture into the PERIPHERAL regularly at the least. But I ask of people not to ‘live’ there, for they may find the life of a Tibetan monk is not for them. Anchor yourself in the PERIPHERAL by all means, and in doing so, visit the MAINSTREAM as often as you like. Live in MAINSTREAM if you want but this time, safely, with balance, and forever growing into the amazing potential you are barely yet to scratch anchored without doubt, to the truth of the PERIPHERAL.

In Rebel Yell: Dreaming the Life, Living the Dream, 2003, Shelly was asked to “guard against complacency”. The reason being that complacency creeps up on us silently, insidiously. It may come as no surprise that complacency is only found in the MAINSTREAM? It may come as no surprise either, that complacency is inversely proportionate to curiosity? In other words, develop a curious sense of ‘WHAT IF?’ and complacency disperses of its own accord.

And if you find that you are not curious about your work or your days, or your hobbies, it’s time for change. After all, with the short few years we have here in this life-time, how can you get bored other than when you have fallen, unanchored, into and within the totality of the MAINSTREAM? A world of “Tick Tock” as David Icke calls it. Is it not a big question as to what you are capable of? In relations with other friends? With your partner? How incredibly amazing you can become together and individually? How incredibly supportive of others, the community, the world, and your work can be? How creatively expressive you are yet to become?

And if I was to insinuate that your potential is galaxies beyond what you can even imagine, would you stop imagining all together, or would your mind open to those endless possibilities where your growth, your happiness, your glow, and your absolute fulfilment, would expand so fast your feet would no longer seem based in the ‘real’ world?

“I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy god mother to endown it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity”

Eleanor Roosevelt

I can only encourage your curiosity, when every day we have an opportunity to ask and explore what we are indeed capable of, but the rest is up to you. Sometimes people are dismissive or even ignorant of their own amazing potential, when it sticks out like a sore thumb to those around them who can’t help but be curious enough to wonder. And if all it takes to remind me that the best is yet to come, that I am here to expand and grow, and that my potential is beyond that which I can but try to imagine, I will glady ask where do I begin?

I will glady muse “WHAT IF?”


Curious musings




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