The small boy who sat in the corner of the school room relatively uninterested with the inside situation but instead focussed well beyond the view outside of the window, was punished without thought. He was condemned for his lack of focus, his apparent mindless wanderings, and his misinformed understandings of what important matters require attention in this physical and ‘real’ world we all live – if we are to succeed that is.

With bruised knuckles and a somewhat jaded view of authority and education, that boy involuntarily continued to dream. And as he grew he failed to appreciate the limitations which others spoke of, more and more so, he saw only possibility. Without cause for fear or blockage, he strode forward in his life creating mountains, buildings, services of great standards, music and art, and copious ponderings published about his experience and understandings for all to share. His scarred hands serving only as symbolic reminders that difficult challenges sometimes befriend us. Of course that boy, or girl, could be any one of us. Some of us now realise, that with appropriate intent or otherwise, it was indeed our teachers who were misinformed!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein


But imagination is not some abstract concept for childish forays or the exclusive peruse of specifically creative people, no sir. In fact we all have access to the faculties of imagination and the power it offers for movement and change. The first important step in any manifestation is to imagine it. While the subconscious knows not what is real of the pictures it receives, it sure as hell will not believe anything it cannot see or perceive – enter imagination. And imagine therefore, the power you have when you change your beliefs about the way things are, the way things could be, where your life is headed and what you are capable of? Once you eliminate that rigidity of thought?

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already; we have the power to imagine better.”

J.K. Rowling


When John Lennon wrote:

Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do.

Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too

Imagine all the people, living life in peace…

he was perhaps, asking us to do so, not simply pondering a “what if?” And in asking us to do so, he was insinuating imagining is only the first part of the equation and that by doing so, in particular on a collective basis, anything is truly possible.

“Through imagination we craft a vision of something new, something different, something better and when you combine creative ideas and a vision of something different change starts to happen”

speak art loud

Venture with me if you will, momentarily if not longer, into the possibilities that exist if we were just to ‘see’ them.

Imagine a race which supported its planet to support its people? Imagine people who supported each other? Imagine a world accepting only truth and unable to rationalise such errors of thought as ‘war equals peace’? Imagine a world where food was not wasted and people did not go hungry? Where grains and seeds were the property of the planet, not for licence and patent by organisations and chemical plants? Imagine governments who embraced not rejected sustainable energy? Imagine education which supported personal growth and left and right brain development? Imagine communities which built homes for people without them? Imagine governments who shared the truth and cared about the people they proposedly serve? Imagine a health system created to heal not ‘fix’ peoples challenges? Imagine workplaces and organisations which were driven by the strengths of their employees? Imagine a world of equity where people were treated equally through respectful and mindful practice? Imagine banks which rewarded people with a percentage of their growth given that the people created it for them in the first place? Imagine organic food and community gardening as the norm not the exception? Imagine relations based on love not hate where people could choose freely and without guilt or shame? Imagine a world where people had time to listen, and to talk? Imagine a world where the suicide rate dropped off completely, not because we medicated a problem, but because the world we created was accepting and welcoming of all people and their individual challenges? Imagine taking our problems to the community itself for counsel and discussion? Imagine all people loving their work and reaching the highest standards of productivity just because they could? Imagine a world where children are safe to be children and older people look forward to becoming sages, or elders, and a guiding light to that which oversees the development of their societies? Imagine quiet times so pure that we can hear only, each other thinking, and bathing in the realisation that I, and you, and all of us, truly are, of only one original and shared source?

There are so many more considerations for each of us, with some no doubt, surfacing whilst reading the above possibilities. But who’s voice is it first to speak in opposition? Most of us heard it right? It’s the voice which says:

“this is silly, that can’t happen, it’s not real”

And yet there is a simple way to thwart the efforts of this ego-based vocal, to offset its power against us, and to quieten its threat so that it seems, as far as the mind is concerned, it isn’t even there. It will take time and persistence applied every time it “barks”, but the change is possible. So how do we create such an opportunity as one where this ego voice is so weak it means nothing to us and doesn’t need to be heard or even acknowledged?



Pleasant musings as always

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