I find, through my travels, people complicate the nature of ‘things’ often well over and above that which it needs to be. This can and does lead to anxiety, confusion, overwhelm, mental stress, sadness, and unrealistic expectations – low self worth. One of the most prominent examples of this is where a person is committed to affirming:

Everything happens for a reason

And while this is of course, true in every way, us humans are so fickle we make it personal. Just like we have with the idea of God. A man right? About 6’2 with long hair and a good bod? Maybe a gown of some sort, bathed in light, and generally siting up there in the clouds on some sort of throne in some sort of paradise? So we have come to think. But the concept of God is no more a person than you or I are a God. In fact, it’s more likely you and I are God in the general ‘universal’ context since we are made of the same quantum stuff as each other and collectively therefore, just one.

The universe is perfect. Not because everything in it is perfect but because it is a perfect mathematical equation which has but one purpose and that is expansion. It supports expansion by the constant seeking of or more aptly, the realligning to, equilibrium. So that if something happens in ours or anyone else’s lives, it happens because it is necessary to establish a movement toward universal equilibrium. Instead, people often go to great and painful lengths to find an answer to the question – “what is the reason this happened to me?”. Sometimes it may be obvious for example, to break a pattern which continually and detrimentally shows up in your life and which needs to end for you to be part of a pecaeful and expansive context. But other times the reason will be more abstract or completely elusive in which case, understanding it was simply necessary, regardless of the success of your analysis, can sometimes be in itself, healing enough.

It is difficult for many people not to allocate a personality to the idea of God or to the Universe (if that is what you call it), because the idea of friendliness, of punishment, of reason and of relation with another all makes sense – comforts us. We understand it better than a mere mathematical equation. And so we can grapple with black and white thinking which we are conditioned to do. “I am being punished by said personality” or, “I am being rewarded by said personality”. So to understand there is no ‘personal’ connection in play here is hard for most of us but when embraced, releases us from a constant feeling of expectation and/or attack. It is “what it is”, and everything happens for a reason which is plainly mathematical, necessary, and right for the collective, irrespective of the affect on me personally.

When I argue with reality, I lose—but only 100% of the time.

Byron Katie

Here is a portion of lyric from a Curious Grace song – The Universe is Always Right:

“The universe is always right.
Sure nothing really matters if we’re only talking matter. Sure we don’t really matter if we’re only talking matter
There’s a hundred billion planets in this galaxy alone. A hundred billion galaxies the universe that’s known
The universe is always right.
The universe is always right
The universe is always right…you see, It’s about you and me…in an endless sea.
Of cosmic energy…of conscious harmony…and entropy, Oh you and me
Oh the universe is always right
The universe is always right”

But let’s not take it out of context altogether. Universal changes (adjustments) albeit without personal motivation, will and do affect us personally. How can they not? Whatever happens around us affects us and, the person we are in this human experience. And even that affect is not random either. So when we say, the universe is not personally motivated, it doesn’t mean that the changes are not meant to affect us or our situations – they are. Every time we act, we “create” and every time we create, a result is born. Billions of results affect the collective of which the ‘universe’ is in its totality. The universe therefore, responds to our choices, actions, and results in a way which seeks equilibrium and supports expansion – mathematically, logically, without judgement. And those around us, involved with us, they too are affected in greater or lesser ways than us, in different ways than us, in ways that they too are required to receive in their lives for equilibrium to be established and maintained. Whether they, whether we, like it or not.

Think of the weather. The rain falls. The lakes fill. The sun shines. The water evaporates. The clouds fill. The rain falls. The frequency and intensity of these patterns change over time and place but are always as per the same collective objective. To seek equilibrium (stay alive and existing) and support expansion. They are essentially, on auto pilot, “if this occurs, then this will happen”. So while it can be hard, sometimes personally unacceptable, to hold the thought that:

Everything happens for a reason

it doesn’t make it any less true. And it isn’t personal.

The greateness of understanding this truth, is that we can allow ourselves to “look” and maybe see, the obvious nature of the lesson for us personally in the changes which occur however, let them go easily if and when, it isn’t as obvious. Looking is the important action to take but after that, regardless of what you find and/or learn, remain content that all is as it should be. What’s important, what’s really important, is not that we are getting what we want or that all of our dreams have come to pass. It is that demonstratably, we are moving – slow or fast – in directions of that nature (expanding). Because no matter what we may buy, or say, or do, or pretend, or hide, or fake, or tell ourselves through the conditioning voices of our indoctrinated cultures, we have nothing to fear, and no answers to ‘painfully’ seek. After all,

The Universe is NEVER wrong

Pleasant musings

CURIOUS GRACE, The Universe is Always Right, Copyright 2012 by Tom and Mary Erangey, and Rich Rankin, producer,

Katie, Byron, THE WORK,


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