Having been a mentor, inspirator, support worker, unofficial counsellor, personal trainer, coach (literally and life), manager, group motivator, team building specialist, and personal development worker for fifteen years plus, it is no wonder that sometimes I reflect on all I have done – the wins, the losses, the maybes. As in life, there is never only straight road. If there was we would be bored crazy, we wouldn’t grow through challenge and change, and we wouldn’t have any diversity in our experience. Living would instead become, existing. Aside of the fact that I might face the same challenges as many before me and, the same challenges that many are facing now, I am better equipped through experience, study, and practice than the average Jo to handle these turbulences. What sometimes drives the fear of exposure inside me, is that I am on show for all to see and judge. In other words, it’s one thing to encourage others through a particular space and learning, to impart so-called knowledge to them, and to philosophize in ways that effervesce wisdom, but it’s another to show the results.

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively

Bob Marley

I absolutely must practice what I ask of other people, otherwise I consider myself a fraud and I will be held accountable for such things in one way or another. Nothing wrong with that, I subscribe to accountability. But I want to know I am an integral person and I want to know that what I impart is tried and tested, shared, validated, and therefore, of the most value to the most people at any given time. Not only must I practice these learnings but I must show the results from them. Otherwise, why would people believe me, why would they follow me, and why would they change their lives according to a theoretical perspective only? In order to build credibility you have to PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. Ultimately, the person who anyone really wants to believe and follow, is the one who is getting the results we want. Talk is powerful but, actions speak louder than words. If they can share with us, how they are getting them, they then, will be PREACHING WHAT THEY PRACTICE.

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will

W.Clement Stone

How do I get to, or maintain this position myself? Not by sitting on the couch, no sir, but by taking action. And in doing so, subscribe to a few of my own key understandings. These are the learnings I often share:

  • I believe in principals
  • I say and act in congruence with my beliefs
  • I share but do not tell, deliver rather than teach
  • I retain a positive attitude in most instances and am almost always “up”, paradoxically I use my experiences of “down” to support me on this quest
  • I write, study, speak to others, and grow every single day in support of what I am doing and trying to understand better – building “real” knowledge to share
  • I share these experiences openly, even the not-so-successful ones, it solidifies my belief and honesty in the process

Though there are several past experiences to speak of, my current situation is a perfect example and currency always speaks the loudest. I am about to resign from a well-paid job. Presently I have no other job. I am about to sell my apartment. Presently I do not know if it will sell and I cannot pay the up and coming expenses if it does not. I am about to move states and do not know how I will afford or manage, the move (again). Although I have long distance support, on a practical level, I am alone (again). The uncertainty is far higher than the certainty in my life presently, and I am about to create more through these above-mentioned measures. The imbalance of certainties does not make for a pleasurable experience but it reminds me, that times like this require a wholesome subscription to what I call ‘truth statements’. Truth statements do not use opinion or guess work, rather they use principals and facts. They state the point concisely, without fluff or artistry. They are our rocks in shaky times. Here are some examples relative to my own current situation:

  • The current imbalance of uncertainty and certainty will soon change because everything changes
  • The current imbalance of uncertainty and certainty will soon change in my favour (toward what I want) because I have created deliberate tension and support purposeful resolution through the particular set of actions I am currently taking
  • I will be offered other work which will pay me what I need and satisfy my curiosity for a period of time thereafter
  • This experience is necessary, fearful and liberating all at the same time and it is the only way I can grow further and achieve necessary steps toward next level stuff – what I want my life to be

Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth

Swami Vivekananda

Part of holding tension in order to manifest and in particular, through the challenging times (most crucial parts of the journey right before changes appear), is to rest ourselves against the unchangeable nature of principals. This can be achieved by discovering our own truth statements and applying them to our lives. It takes all the guesswork out, stops us playing with “what if?” ideas, pretending we know what’s going to happen next, and worrying about how long things are taking. In the end, all is as it should be whether we are comfortable with it or not. And in most cases we are not comfortable but of course, that means things are stirring under the ‘couch’ right?

And I am not comfortable in my current situation as things ‘heat up’ and as the climb gets steeper still. But that’s the beauty of sharing, because in writing about my experience right now, writing about the coming manifestations will make more sense and be easily contextual for readers when that time comes – it’ll make perfect sense. And then, and ultimately, I will be doing what I have proposed that I must, I will be:


Pleasant musings til next time.




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