As always, the challenge (paradox) of the human experience sees us engaged with practices that move us further from, rather than closer to, source – our true healthy and happy selves. Here are some examples:

Hippocrates said:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Yet the food we eat almost exclusively does not come from home grown gardens, nor without dangerous cancerous chemicals both on the surface and under the skin. It is approved for consumption as opposed to sustenance. It is “built” for convenience.

Yet inarguable evidence shows us that people eating naturally are living better and longer.

Garbage in garbage out

George Fuechsel

The consumption of materials in our lives seems to rule and, is what we teach our children too. That it is important to have stuff, because if you have “stuff” you are important? Worthy? Seen as rich? Successful? And of course Happy?

Yet inarguable evidence shows us that people with the most simplest of acquisitions and, the most few, are living better and longer.

 “Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

The pace at which we live drives our insecurity and anxiety (the most common mental health diagnosis in developing countries), and it’s a  facade of achievement when what we are achieving is nothing worthy of our own growth and well-being. We have become obsessed with doing to the exclusion of being.

Yet inarguable evidence shows us that people with the understanding of balance or at least, regular time out, are living better and longer.

There’s no advantage to hurrying through life

― Masashi Kishimoto

The medications we consume to FIX problems including pain, disease, emotional distraught, sadness, tiredness, boredom, and a lack of mojo have taken over. And drug testing parameters have become ironically, dangerously poor in relation to the increasing impact medications have on  our lives. Medications equal money, and control, both important to the powers that be.

Yet inarguable evidence shows that people who are supported to safely reduce or eliminate medications, or who are medication free, or who use naturally verified healing methods, are living better and longer.

 The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will educate his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease

—  Thomas Edison


How come we are treating ourselves this way, and what happened to make it OK? While there may be an answer to this question there is, as always, a more important and less reactive question to ask – What can I do? Because at the end of this day, working within our own domains, is ALL that we have and this is where we get to make ALL the difference.

How do I keep myself balanced in an otherwise rapidly leaning world, how do I live longer and better? It probably comes as no surprise but here’s some sharing of the latest research from Blue Zones and Dan Beutnner. These 9 particular considerations he provides us with are not guesses but rather, common denominators from identified groups – blue zones – (and there aren’t too many of them) who are in fact, living better and living longer. So it’s experiential evidence, the real deal.

  1. MOVE NATURALLY [real life exercise, not using machines which are biomechanically “un-natural”]
  2. DOWNSHIFT [time-out, regular creative “time” factored in]
  3. PURPOSE [perceived meaning and significant contribution]
  4. WINE@5 [moderate consumption of high quality wine]
  5. PLANT SLANT [eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens]
  6. 80% rule [eat til satisfied not, til stuffed]
  7. LOVED ONES FIRST [seek out opportunities to give and receive love]
  8. BELONG [Isolation is an important balancing option, not a healthy norm. Connect and socialise]
  9. RIGHT TRIBE [choose to surround yourself with the best people for you]

It make take some creative thinking, some changes for sure, to affect this sort of living in our lives when our lives are, for most of us, made up of fundamentally different stuff. But it can be done little by little. Stepping back, breathing for you, feeling and giving love, laughing a lot, singing, dancing, drawing, meditating, dreaming, being around ageing folk, being around children, running, walking, and resting, eating together, eating alone, whatever it takes for you to find you because at the end of it all, whenever that opportunity presents, YOU are all there is.

And that’s a worthwhile consideration in my mind. Start now, if you want to, and what happens next will begin an incredible unfold. Slowly but surely, you will start your way into, not away from, that which you truly deserve – to live better and to live longer. Then you too, will begin


Best for Christmas 2015 and beyond



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