In an interesting conversation about creating a group activity, we were speaking about fresh food and collective cooking of meals. I expressed my enthusiasm for something which isn’t entirely original however, is rarely executed with any level of quality or sustainability – the idea of growing, cooking, and eating, the product. It may be because of money, time, shared enthusiasm, or required effort which gets in the way of most ideas like this one getting off the ground and in rare cases when they do, the ability of maintaining them for any beneficial length of time. A colleague of mine came up with the name for the group, PLANT, POT, PLATE. I thought the name was catchy and clever given we could incorporate a gardening group, a cooking group, and a lunch group all inclusive. But as is common with the mind I have, it got me to thinking about living and about creating the life we live as well.

This name or title may have a little more depth than a first glance might suggest. For example, in life terms, is it possible to conceive that therein lies an overview of what we do in creating our lives? If nothing else, it’s a funny look at things but either way, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share the thoughts with the readers I am privileged enough to write for. And, for the first blog of 2016! Brilliant.


It’s true, that we are planting, and nurturing previous plantings, every day. In our minds we seed thoughts, thousands and thousands a day and they begin to take root. Of course if they are not nurtured they won’t take root, they will instead wither and die through a lack of attention and focus. But understand this is not necessarily bad. We are talking about seeds and growth and we haven’t mentioned the quality of those seeds or their resultant extensions. For most of us, the predominant force in our lives is one with a negative connotation, one which pertains to limited thinking, errors of thought, a lack of self-love and, egotistical separations. As our awareness grows we get better and better at recognising negative or destructive thoughts either before, during, or just after we have them. Recognising them and passing them away as expressions of challenge and growth, and thinking about other positive and supportive things instead (more seeds) for the rest of the time is a powerful approach to creating a desired life.

It is said that 90% of our thoughts today are the same as they were yesterday. Now imagine, if yesterday, we planted the most awesome seeds and that today we were continuing to nurture their growth and support them to become powerful forces in our lives? That’s what Harry Palmer might call DELIBERATE or PURPOSEFUL LIVING.


The pot connotation in regards to life is a little more abstract, but humour me, I think you’ll agree it still fits. The pot is taking the harvest if you will, with accountability, saying “this is where I am and this is what I have”. We take wherever we are and whatever we have and this exact moment we are in at any given time, and that’s what we work with – that’s what we cook (in the pot). There are two powerful aspects of getting the pot or cooking phase as good as possible, one is the cultivation of a level of acceptance for what Byron Katie would call LOVING WHAT IS, and the second is creativity – taking the materials and/or situation you have and creating something original and beautiful and supportive for yourself and/or for others. That’s a learned skill and even in a whole lifetime, may require lifetimes more to perfect. But what a skill to build right? Imagine, accepting an outcome as not great, not even what you were aiming for, but with due consideration for the fact that you created it deliberately or otherwise and, that it is yours to own and use right here and right now? Even heading in this direction is fundamentally beneficial to us.


The PLATE idea might seem abstract too but I hazard a guess that this is not an intrinsic quality based on my suggestions in this piece. I expect instead, that it is because this is so rarely recognised and actioned as part of the process. I am in fact talking about reaping the fruits of one’s labour and acknowledging ALL outcomes as part of the creative unfold.

Time and time again and especially in this manic anxious life we live in modern times, we are constantly pinging between coping with the challenges and deliberately escaping from them. But creation is a three part process. It involves the germination of the idea/seed, it involves the maintenance and support phase, and it must ALWAYS include the recognition/celebration of what has been created. This is an increasing potential for future creation successes which comes as each outcome manifests and it is wonderful regardless. So that it is relevant to both desired outcomes and outcomes which do not hit the proverbial mark. It is the completion of the process each time which we celebrate, not necessarily the outcome. And here, it is the food we have seeded, grown, cooked, and presented which we finally get to sit down to, appreciate and eat.

And so that if the food does not taste the way you imagined, create changes for next time and start getting excited you have learnt what doesn’t work for you perfectly. Understand that now is the time for next the level of germination and new beginnings and acknowledging you are inevitably further along than you were before.

And if you are determined to have your best life and be your best person in the process, you will be, again and again, and every time you start and complete the circle of creation. A circle of creation that in my mind,  could easily be called:



Pleasant musings and





Harry Plamer,, viewed January 2016

Byron Katie,, viewed January 2016


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