Stacking the deck

Time and time again I come across people arguing with principles. There will be a yes but answer for everything and a rationale about why every potential positive is doomed to fail. Glass half empty perspectives some people might say.

But not understanding the way things work doesn’t make you dumb, misguided, wrong, or bad. It sure as heck makes it hard to get something good to happen though.

In this life, thinking we get to control everything or make impossible things happen is counterproductive but no more or less than thinking we have no control at all when the best outcomes to hope for are nothing more than less harsh reactions to the world around us.

The way to create the life you want is to begin by moving toward it. This way, the results begin immediately and being on your way re enforces your power and capacity and the potential to reach your goals.

The way to move toward the life you want is to stack the proverbial deck in your favour. You do this by visualising alot, feeling a lot, meditating a lot, and reviewing your plan, actions, and outcomes a lot and making necessary adjustments. You don’t just click your fingers and whatever is wanted, happens at your command. Rather you affect as much of the energy around you and as far out from you as you can in line with what you want. You support the universal force to support your desires and thereby, increase the chances of your manifestation occurring rather than not.

I don’t know about others but I am a lot happier when I know I am living my life everyday in support of manifesting something I really want to be happening in my life. And the fact that I have 10 or more examples of truly great work so far, inspires me to ask the question again and again after each success. What do I want?

Whatever the answer is, I can never be sure I’ll get it until I do but if I really want it then, it’s really worth working for and that means doing everything I can to make it happen, including stacking the deck.

Pleasant musings



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