About johnny Inc & Rebel Yell

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johnny inc’s ‘Rebel Yell’ is a business of expression. Created in 2003, Johnny has entertained and inspired people individually and collectively through a variety of media and for a decade plus. He has worked with individuals, communities, and the general public and traveled around Australia sharing his stories. Whether through live music, story telling, art (painting), writing, or keynote speaking, Johnny’s unique blend of life experience, philosophy, stage presence, and humour make him worth getting along to see.


There is no particular category or genre for Johnny’s music and rightly so – creative processes do not subscribe to boxing. Through mostly originals Johnny is able to deliver a soulful message to audiences of all ages. With humour, story, and meaningful dialogue in between songs, he adds insight and depth to a variety of subject matter. He talks of strengths, community, inclusion, self-care, communication, and love and makes no apologies for the sensitivity and intensity of the shows. As an artist of all forms he is available to work with people around their key speaking or MC needs, for gigs and celebrations, for expos and forums, and training sessions with a difference.

As a writer Johnny informs a monthly blog and a quarterly newsletter as well as published books. As a musician however, it is this medium over the past years, which has found its own pathway allowing an engagement with people of all walks of life that reportedly, is unavailable any other way. Listed shows and options are available by request but custom requirements are similarly welcome.

“The delivery was personal and inspirational. Johnny, your performance was brilliant”




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